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2017 [Top] 5
256.  Eye bank prepared versus surgeon cut endothelial graft tissue for Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty: An observational study.   
Regnier M, Auxenfans C, Maucort-Boulch D, Marty AS, Damour O, Burillon C, Kocaba V
(2017) Medicine (Baltimore) 96 : e6885-e6885

255.  Skin allograft for severe chronic GvHD.   
Crocchiolo R, Dubois V, Nicolini FE, Sobh M, Ducastelle-Lepretre S, Labussiere H, Lebras L, Auxenfans C, Mojallal A, Damour O, Braye F, Michallet M
(2017) Bone Marrow Transplant 

254.  Repeated short climatic change affects the epidermal differentiation program and leads to matrix remodeling in a human organotypic skin model.   
Boutrand LB, Thepot A, Muther C, Boher A, Robic J, Guere C, Vie K, Damour O, Lamartine J
(2017) Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol 10 : 43-50

253.  [Anterolateral thigh flap for distal lower leg reconstruction].   
Irthum C, Fossat S, Bey E, Duhamel P, Braye F, Mojallal A
(2017) Ann Chir Plast Esthet 62 : 224-231

252.  Evaluation of Three Devices for the Isolation of the Stromal Vascular Fraction from Adipose Tissue and for ASC Culture: A Comparative Study.   
Rodriguez J, Pratta AS, Abbassi N, Fabre H, Rodriguez F, Debard C, Adobati J, Boucher F, Mallein-Gerin F, Auxenfans C, Damour O, Mojallal A
(2017) Stem Cells Int 2017 : 9289213-9289213

2016 [Top] 5
251.  Perlecan expression influences the keratin 15-positive cell population fate in the epidermis of aging skin.   
Dos Santos M, Michopoulou A, Andre-Frei V, Boulesteix S, Guicher C, Dayan G, Whitelock J, Damour O, Rousselle P
(2016) Aging (Albany NY) 8 : 751-68

250.  Hand Allograft Saved by an Ultrathin Groin Flap.   
Chateau J, Gazarian A, Boucher F, Badet L, Braye F, Saint-Cyr M, Mojallal A
(2016) Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open 4 : e869-e869

249.  Syndecans as Cell Surface Receptors in Cancer Biology. A Focus on their Interaction with PDZ Domain Proteins.   
Cheng B, Montmasson M, Terradot L, Rousselle P
(2016) Front Pharmacol 7 : 10-10

248.  [Limbal stem cell deficiency management. A review].   
Kocaba V, Damour O, Auxenfans C, Burillon C
(2016) J Fr Ophtalmol 39 : 791-803

247.  Validation of an endothelial roll preparation for Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty by a cornea bank using "no touch" dissection technique.   
Marty AS, Burillon C, Desanlis A, Damour O, Kocaba V, Auxenfans C
(2016) Cell Tissue Bank 17 : 225-32

2015 [Top] 12
246.  Autophosphorylation of the Bacterial Tyrosine-Kinase CpsD Connects Capsule Synthesis with the Cell Cycle in Streptococcus pneumoniae.   
Nourikyan J, Kjos M, Mercy C, Cluzel C, Morlot C, Noirot-Gros MF, Guiral S, Lavergne JP, Veening JW, Grangeasse C
(2015) PLoS Genet 11 : e1005518-e1005518

245.  Immunocytochemical Diagnosis of Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency: Comparative Analysis of Current Corneal and Conjunctival Biomarkers.   
Poli M, Burillon C, Auxenfans C, Rovere MR, Damour O
(2015) Cornea 34 : 817-23

244.  Intradermal injection of human adipose-derived stem cells accelerates skin wound healing in nude mice.   
Rodriguez J, Boucher F, Lequeux C, Josset-Lamaugarny A, Rouyer O, Ardisson O, Rutschi H, Sigaudo-Roussel D, Damour O, Mojallal A
(2015) Stem Cell Res Ther 6 : 241-241

243.  Pathways commonly dysregulated in mouse and human obese adipose tissue: FAT/CD36 modulates differentiation and lipogenesis.   
Berger E, Heraud S, Mojallal A, Lequeux C, Weiss-Gayet M, Damour O, Geloen A
(2015) Adipocyte 4 : 161-80

242.  Creating conditions for the success of the French industrial advanced therapy sector.   
Lirsac PN, Blin O, Magalon J, Angot P, De Barbeyrac E, Bilbault P, Bourg E, Damour O, Faure P, Ferry N, Garbil B, Larghero J, Nguon M, Pattou F, Thumelin S, Yates F
(2015) Therapie 70 : 69-94

241.  In vitro and in vivo biocompatibility, bioavailability and tolerance of an injectable vehicle for adipose-derived stem/stromal cells for plastic surgery indications.   
Lequeux C, Rodriguez J, Boucher F, Rouyer O, Damour O, Mojallal A, Auxenfans C
(2015) J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 68 : 1491-7

240.  In vitro 3-D model based on extending time of culture for studying chronological epidermis aging.   
Dos Santos M, Metral E, Boher A, Rousselle P, Thepot A, Damour O
(2015) Matrix Biol 47 : 85-97

239.  How do epidermal matrix metalloproteinases support re-epithelialization during skin healing?   
Michopoulou A, Rousselle P
(2015) Eur J Dermatol 25 Suppl 1 : 33-42

238.  Proteolytic control of TGF-? co-receptor activity by BMP-1/tolloid-like proteases revealed by quantitative iTRAQ proteomics.   
Delolme F, Anastasi C, Alcaraz LB, Mendoza V, Vadon-Le Goff S, Talantikite M, Capomaccio R, Mevaere J, Fortin L, Mazzocut D, Damour O, Zanella-Cleon I, Hulmes DJ, Overall CM, Valcourt U, Lopez-Casillas F, Moali C
(2015) Cell Mol Life Sci 72 : 1009-27

237.  Contribution of Sp1 to Telomerase Expression and Activity in Skin Keratinocytes Cultured With a Feeder Layer.   
Bisson F, Paquet C, Bourget JM, Zaniolo K, Rochette PJ, Landreville S, Damour O, Boudreau F, Auger FA, Guerin SL, Germain L
(2015) J Cell Physiol 230 : 308-17

236.  Cultured autologous keratinocytes in the treatment of large and deep burns: a retrospective study over 15 years.   
Auxenfans C, Menet V, Catherine Z, Shipkov H, Lacroix P, Bertin-Maghit M, Damour O, Braye F
(2015) Burns 41 : 71-9

235.  Tissue engineering of oral mucosa: a shared concept with skin.   
Kinikoglu B, Damour O, Hasirci V
(2015) J Artif Organs 18 : 8-19

2014 [Top] 12
234.  [Vascularloops in reconstructive microsurgery: A review of the literature].   
Shipkov H, Traikova N, Voinov P, Boucher F, Braye F, Mojallal A
(2014) Ann Chir Plast Esthet 59 : 1-8

233.  Tenascin-X promotes epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition by activating latent TGF-?.   
Alcaraz LB, Exposito JY, Chuvin N, Pommier RM, Cluzel C, Martel S, Sentis S, Bartholin L, Lethias C, Valcourt U
(2014) J Cell Biol 205 : 409-28

232.  Interplay of the serine/threonine-kinase StkP and the paralogs DivIVA and GpsB in pneumococcal cell elongation and division.   
Fleurie A, Manuse S, Zhao C, Campo N, Cluzel C, Lavergne JP, Freton C, Combet C, Guiral S, Soufi B, Macek B, Kuru E, VanNieuwenhze MS, Brun YV, Di Guilmi AM, Claverys JP, Galinier A, Grangeasse C
(2014) PLoS Genet 10 : e1004275-e1004275

231.  The NTR domain of procollagen C-proteinase enhancer-1 (PCPE-1) mediates PCPE-1 binding to syndecans-1, -2 and -4 as well as fibronectin.   
Weiss T, Brusel M, Rousselle P, Kessler E
(2014) Int J Biochem Cell Biol 57 : 45-53

230.  [Sequelae after harvesting latissimus dorsi flap and derivates--review].   
Ismail M, Boucher F, Chauvel-Picard J, Shipkov H, Braye F, Mojallal A
(2014) Ann Chir Plast Esthet 59 : 348-54

229.  [Face and limb rash in a 58-year-old woman].   
Deroux A, Fiandrino G, Pinel N, Cluzel C, Challende I, Sarrot-Raynaud F, Bouillet L, Leccia MT, Templier I, Georgin-Lavialle S
(2014) Rev Med Interne 35 : 686-9

228.  Superficial femoral artery perforator flap: anatomical study of a new flap and clinical cases.   
Mojallal A, Boucher F, Shipkov H, Saint-Cyr M, Braye F
(2014) Plast Reconstr Surg 133 : 934-44

227.  [Anatomical study of muscular latissimus dorsi surface vascularized by the transverse branch of thoraco-dorsal artery].   
Boucher F, Pinatel B, Shipkov H, Mertens P, Rouviere O, Braye F, Mojallal A
(2014) Ann Chir Plast Esthet 59 : 327-32

226.  Processing of laminin ? chains generates peptides involved in wound healing and host defense.   
Senyurek I, Kempf WE, Klein G, Maurer A, Kalbacher H, Schafer L, Wanke I, Christ C, Stevanovic S, Schaller M, Rousselle P, Garbe C, Biedermann T, Schittek B
(2014) J Innate Immun 6 : 467-84

225.  LKB1 when associated with methylatedER? is a marker of bad prognosis in breast cancer.   
Bouchekioua-Bouzaghou K, Poulard C, Rambaud J, Lavergne E, Hussein N, Billaud M, Bachelot T, Chabaud S, Mader S, Dayan G, Treilleux I, Corbo L, Le Romancer M
(2014) Int J Cancer 135 : 1307-18

224.  MapZ marks the division sites and positions FtsZ rings in Streptococcus pneumoniae.   
Fleurie A, Lesterlin C, Manuse S, Zhao C, Cluzel C, Lavergne JP, Franz-Wachtel M, Macek B, Combet C, Kuru E, VanNieuwenhze MS, Brun YV, Sherratt D, Grangeasse C
(2014) Nature 516 : 259-62

223.  Cultured allogenic keratinocytes for extensive burns: a retrospective study over 15 years.   
Auxenfans C, Shipkov H, Bach C, Catherine Z, Lacroix P, Bertin-Maghit M, Damour O, Braye F
(2014) Burns 40 : 82-8

2013 [Top] 5
222.  Reciprocal interactions between breast tumor and its adipose microenvironment based on a 3D adipose equivalent model.   
Delort L, Lequeux C, Dubois V, Dubouloz A, Billard H, Mojallal A, Damour O, Vasson MP, Caldefie-Chezet F
(2013) PLoS One 8 : e66284-e66284

221.  The syndecan binding sequence KKLRIKSKEK in laminin ?3 LG4 domain promotes epidermal repair.   
Rousselle P, Carulli S, Chajra H, Dayan G, Pin D, Herbage B
(2013) Eur J Dermatol 

220.  Irradiated human dermal fibroblasts are as efficient as mouse fibroblasts as a feeder layer to improve human epidermal cell culture lifespan.   
Bisson F, Rochefort E, Lavoie A, Larouche D, Zaniolo K, Simard-Bisson C, Damour O, Auger FA, Guerin SL, Germain L
(2013) Int J Mol Sci 14 : 4684-704

219.  Prevalence and clinical significance of anti-laminin 332 autoantibodies detected by a novel enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in mucous membrane pemphigoid.   
Bernard P, Antonicelli F, Bedane C, Joly P, Le Roux-Villet C, Duvert-Lehembre S, Rousselle P, Prost-Squarcioni C
(2013) JAMA Dermatol 149 : 533-40

218.  Laminin 332 processing impacts cellular behavior.   
Rousselle P, Beck K
(2013) Cell Adh Migr 7 : 122-34

2012 [Top] 15
217.  Preparation and evaluation of nanoparticles for directed tissue engineering.   
Hansson A, Di Francesco T, Falson F, Rousselle P, Jordan O, Borchard G
(2012) Int J Pharm 439 : 73-80

216.  Validation of the BacT/ALERT3D automated culture system for the detection of microbial contamination of epithelial cell culture medium.   
Plantamura E, Huyghe G, Panterne B, Delesalle N, Thepot A, Reverdy ME, Damour O, Auxenfans C
(2012) Cell Tissue Bank 13 : 453-9

215.  In vitro evaluation of an RGD-functionalized chitosan derivative for enhanced cell adhesion.   
Hansson A, Hashom N, Falson F, Rousselle P, Jordan O, Borchard G
(2012) Carbohydr Polym 90 : 1494-500

214.  Development of ex vivo organ culture models to mimic human corneal scarring.   
Janin-Manificat H, Rovere MR, Galiacy SD, Malecaze F, Hulmes DJ, Moali C, Damour O
(2012) Mol Vis 18 : 2896-908

213.  Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) as a source of endothelial cells in the reconstruction of endothelialized skin equivalents.   
Auxenfans C, Lequeux C, Perrusel E, Mojallal A, Kinikoglu B, Damour O
(2012) J Tissue Eng Regen Med 6 : 512-8

212.  Cartilage-characteristic matrix reconstruction by sequential addition of soluble factors during expansion of human articular chondrocytes and their cultivation in collagen sponges.   
Claus S, Mayer N, Aubert-Foucher E, Chajra H, Perrier-Groult E, Lafont J, Piperno M, Damour O, Mallein-Gerin F
(2012) Tissue Eng Part C Methods 18 : 104-12

211.  Cultured autologous oral mucosal epithelial cell sheet (CAOMECS) transplantation for the treatment of corneal limbal epithelial stem cell deficiency.   
Burillon C, Huot L, Justin V, Nataf S, Chapuis F, Decullier E, Damour O
(2012) Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 53 : 1325-31

210.  Influence of the mesenchymal cell source on oral epithelial development.   
Kinikoglu B, Rovere MR, Haftek M, Hasirci V, Damour O
(2012) J Tissue Eng Regen Med 6 : 245-52

209.  Feasibility of a porcine oral mucosa equivalent: a preclinical study.   
Kinikoglu B, Hemar J, Hasirci V, Breton P, Damour O
(2012) Artif Cells Blood Substit Immobil Biotechnol 40 : 271-4

208.  Subcutaneous fat tissue engineering using autologous adipose-derived stem cells seeded onto a collagen scaffold.   
Lequeux C, Oni G, Wong C, Damour O, Rohrich R, Mojallal A, Brown SA
(2012) Plast Reconstr Surg 130 : 1208-17

207.  In vivo evidence for a bridging role of a collagen V subtype at the epidermis-dermis interface.   
Bonod-Bidaud C, Roulet M, Hansen U, Elsheikh A, Malbouyres M, Ricard-Blum S, Faye C, Vaganay E, Rousselle P, Ruggiero F
(2012) J Invest Dermatol 132 : 1841-9

206.  A simple way to reconstruct a human 3-d hypodermis: a useful tool for pharmacological functionality.   
Lequeux C, Auxenfans C, Thepot A, Geloen A, Andre V, Damour O, Mojallal A
(2012) Skin Pharmacol Physiol 25 : 47-55

205.  Cell surface proteoglycans syndecan-1 and -4 bind overlapping but distinct sites in laminin ?3 LG45 protein domain.   
Carulli S, Beck K, Dayan G, Boulesteix S, Lortat-Jacob H, Rousselle P
(2012) J Biol Chem 287 : 12204-16

204.  Pluripotent stem cell model reveals essential roles for miR-450b-5p and miR-184 in embryonic corneal lineage specification.   
Shalom-Feuerstein R, Serror L, De La Forest Divonne S, Petit I, Aberdam E, Camargo L, Damour O, Vigouroux C, Solomon A, Gaggioli C, Itskovitz-Eldor J, Ahmad S, Aberdam D
(2012) Stem Cells 30 : 898-909

203.  Mutational dissection of the S/T-kinase StkP reveals crucial roles in cell division of Streptococcus pneumoniae.   
Fleurie A, Cluzel C, Guiral S, Freton C, Galisson F, Zanella-Cleon I, Di Guilmi AM, Grangeasse C
(2012) Mol Microbiol 83 : 746-58

2011 [Top] 14
202.  Adipose derived stem cells: efficiency, toxicity, stability of BrdU labeling and effects on self-renewal and adipose differentiation.     
Lequeux C, Oni G, Mojallal A, Damour O, Brown SA
(2011) Mol Cell Biochem 351 : 65-75

201.  Melanoma cells produce multiple laminin isoforms and strongly migrate on alpha 5 laminin(s) via several integrin receptors     
Oikawa Y, Hansson J, Sasaki T, Rousselle P, Domogatskaya A, Rodin S, Tryggvason K, Patarroyo M
(2011) EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH 317 : 1119-1133

200.  Oligogalacturonides improve tissue organization of in vitro reconstructed skin.   
Lebreton-Decoster C, Rousselle P, Laperdrix C, Lubrano C, Robin JR, Coulomb B
(2011) Int J Cosmet Sci 33 : 455-61

199.  The influence of elastin-like recombinant polymer on the self-renewing potential of a 3D tissue equivalent derived from human lamina propria fibroblasts and oral epithelial cells.   
Kinikoglu B, Rodriguez-Cabello JC, Damour O, Hasirci V
(2011) Biomaterials 32 : 5756-64

198.  A smart bilayer scaffold of elastin-like recombinamer and collagen for soft tissue engineering.     
Kinikoglu B, Rodriguez-Cabello JC, Damour O, Hasirci V
(2011) J Mater Sci Mater Med 22 : 1541-54

197.  Influence of age and body mass index on the yield and proliferation capacity of adipose-derived stem cells.   
Mojallal A, Lequeux C, Shipkov C, Duclos A, Braye F, Rohrich R, Brown S, Damour O
(2011) Aesthetic Plast Surg 35 : 1097-105

196.  Melanoma cells produce multiple laminin isoforms and strongly migrate on ?5 laminin(s) via several integrin receptors.   
Oikawa Y, Hansson J, Sasaki T, Rousselle P, Domogatskaya A, Rodin S, Tryggvason K, Patarroyo M
(2011) Exp Cell Res 317 : 1119-33

195.  Model of in vitro healing to test the influence of dedifferentiated Crithmum maritimum cells on dermal repair and epidermal regeneration.     
Lequeux C, Lhoste A, Rovere MR, Montastier C, Damour O
(2011) Skin Pharmacol Physiol 24 : 75-80

194.  Deciphering signaling mechanisms controling chondrocyte differentiation: Application to tissue engineering of cartilage: The ANR-TecSan PROMOCART project     
Claus S, Aubert-Foucher E, Perrier-Groult E, Bougault C, Ronziere MC, Freyria AM, Legendre F, Ollitrault D, Boumediene K, Demoor M, Galera P, Tian TV, Flajollet S, Duterque-Coquillaud M, Damour O, Chajra H, Mallein-Gerin F
(2011) IRBM 32 : 95-98

193.  Effects of Hydroxydecine() (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid) on skin barrier structure and function in vitro and clinical efficacy in the treatment of UV-induced xerosis.   
Duplan H, Questel E, Hernandez-Pigeon H, Galliano MF, Caruana A, Ceruti I, Ambonati M, Mejean C, Damour O, Castex-Rizzi N, Bessou-Touya S, Schmitt AM
(2011) Eur J Dermatol 21 : 906-15

192.  Treatment of a severe extensive cutaneous chronic GVHD after allo-HSCT using glycerolyzed skin allografts and cultured epidermis from the same donor.   
Crocchiolo R, Nicolini FE, Sobh M, Ducastelle-Lepretre S, Labussiere H, Dubois V, Auxenfans C, Mojallal A, Damour O, Braye F, Michallet M
(2011) Bone Marrow Transplant 46 : 1153-5

191.  Confocal Raman microspectroscopy for evaluating the stratum corneum removal by 3 standard methods.     
Forster M, Bolzinger MA, Rovere MR, Damour O, Montagnac G, Briancon S
(2011) Skin Pharmacol Physiol 24 : 103-12

190.  Keratin 13 immunostaining in corneal impression cytology for the diagnosis of limbal stem cell deficiency.   
Poli M, Janin H, Justin V, Auxenfans C, Burillon C, Damour O
(2011) Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 52 : 9411-5

189.  Stem cells, mature adipocytes, and extracellular scaffold: what does each contribute to fat graft survival?   
Mojallal A, Lequeux C, Shipkov C, Rifkin L, Rohrich R, Duclos A, Brown S, Damour O
(2011) Aesthetic Plast Surg 35 : 1061-72

2010 [Top] 12
188.  Use of magnetically oriented orthogonal collagen scaffolds for hemi-corneal reconstruction and regeneration.     
Builles N, Janin-Manificat H, Malbouyres M, Justin V, Rovere MR, Pellegrini G, Torbet J, Hulmes DJ, Burillon C, Damour O, Ruggiero F
(2010) Biomaterials 31 : 8313-22

187.  Zinc-alpha2-glycoprotein: a new biomarker of breast cancer?     
Dubois V, Delort L, Mishellany F, Jarde T, Billard H, Lequeux C, Damour O, Penault-Llorca F, Vasson MP, Caldefie-Chezet F
(2010) Anticancer Res 30 : 2919-25

186.  Intraepithelial p63-dependent expression of distinct components of cell adhesion complexes in normal esophageal mucosa and squamous cell carcinoma     
Thepot A, Hautefeuille A, Cros MP, Abedi-Ardekani B, Petre A, Damour O, Krutovskikh V, Hainaut P,

185.  The fibrillar collagen family.     
Exposito JY, Valcourt U, Cluzel C, Lethias C
(2010) Int J Mol Sci 11 : 407-26

184.  B16 melanoma secretomes and in vitro invasiveness: syntenin as an invasion modulator.   
Rondepierre F, Bouchon B, Bonnet M, Moins N, Chezal JM, D'Incan M, Degoul F
(2010) Melanoma Res 20 : 77-84

183.  Chronic exposure of bone morphogenetic protein-2 favors chondrogenic expression in human articular chondrocytes amplified in monolayer cultures.     
Claus S, Aubert-Foucher E, Demoor M, Camuzeaux B, Paumier A, Piperno M, Damour O, Duterque-Coquillaud M, Galera P, Mallein-Gerin F
(2010) J Cell Biochem 111 : 1642-51

182.  New abdominal flap design for breast reconstruction in association with the thoracoabdominal flap.   
Mojallal A, Shipkov C, Braye F, Saint-Cyr M, Rohrich R
(2010) Plast Reconstr Surg 125 : 475-8

181.  The EMBRACE web service collection.     
Pettifer S, Ison J, Kalas M, Thorne D, McDermott P, Jonassen I, Liaquat A, Fernandez JM, Rodriguez JM, Pisano DG, Blanchet C, Uludag M, Rice P, Bartaseviciute E, Rapacki K, Hekkelman M, Sand O, Stockinger H, Clegg AB, Bongcam-Rudloff E, Salzemann J, Breton V, Attwood TK, Cameron G, Vriend G
(2010) Nucleic Acids Res 38 : W683-8

180.  Evaluation of tumorigenic risk of tissue-engineered oral mucosal epithelial cells by using combinational examinations.     
Thepot A, Morel AP, Justin V, Desanlis A, Thivillier L, Hoffman E, Till M, Accardi R, Tommasino M, Breton P, Hainaut P, Damour O
(2010) Cell Transplant 19 : 999-1006

179.  Expression of estrogen-related receptor beta (ERR beta) in human skin     
Krahn-Bertil E, Dos Santos M, Damour O, Andre V, Bolzinger MA,

178.  Expression of estrogen-related receptor beta (ERR?) in human skin.   
Krahn-Bertil E, Dos Santos M, Damour O, Andre V, Bolzinger MA
(2010) Eur J Dermatol 20 : 719-23

177.  Epigenetic silencing of lysyl oxidase-like-1 through DNA hypermethylation in an autosomal recessive cutis laxa case.     
Debret R, Cenizo V, Aimond G, Andre V, Devillers M, Rouvet I, Megarbane A, Damour O, Sommer P
(2010) J Invest Dermatol 130 : 2594-601

2009 [Top] 14
176.  [Porous matrix and primary-cell culture: a shared concept for skin and cornea tissue engineering].     
Auxenfans C, Builles N, Andre V, Lequeux C, Fievet A, Rose S, Braye FM, Fradette J, Janin-Manificat H, Nataf S, Burillon C, Damour O
(2009) Pathol Biol (Paris) 57 : 290-8

175.  [Human chondrocyte responsiveness to bone morphogenetic protein-2 after their in vitro dedifferentiation: potential use of bone morphogenetic protein-2 for cartilage cell therapy].     
Salentey V, Claus S, Bougault C, Paumier A, Aubert-Foucher E, Perrier-Groult E, Ronziere MC, Freyria AM, Galera P, Beauchef G, Duterque-Coquillaud M, Piperno M, Damour O, Herbage B, Mallein-Gerin F
(2009) Pathol Biol (Paris) 57 : 282-9

174.  Improvement of skin quality after fat grafting: clinical observation and an animal study.     
Mojallal A, Lequeux C, Shipkov C, Breton P, Foyatier JL, Braye F, Damour O
(2009) Plast Reconstr Surg 124 : 765-74

173.  Laminin isoforms in human embryonic stem cells: synthesis, receptor usage and growth support.     
Vuoristo S, Virtanen I, Takkunen M, Palgi J, Kikkawa Y, Rousselle P, Sekiguchi K, Tuuri T, Otonkoski T
(2009) J Cell Mol Med 13 : 2622-33

172.  Mysterious tasks of tyrosines in syndecan-1 cytoplasmic tail.     
Rousselle P, Letourneur F
(2009) ScientificWorldJournal 9 : 629-32

171.  Reconstruction of a full-thickness collagen-based human oral mucosal equivalent.     
Kinikoglu B, Auxenfans C, Pierrillas P, Justin V, Breton P, Burillon C, Hasirci V, Damour O
(2009) Biomaterials 30 : 6418-25

170.  Characterisation of human fibroblasts as keratinocyte feeder layer using p63 isoforms status.     
Auxenfans C, Thepot A, Justin V, Hautefeuille A, Shahabeddin L, Damour O, Hainaut P
(2009) Biomed Mater Eng 19 : 365-72

169.  Regulated laminin-332 expression in human islets of Langerhans.     
Armanet M, Wojtusciszyn A, Morel P, Parnaud G, Rousselle P, Sinigaglia C, Berney T, Bosco D
(2009) FASEB J 23 : 4046-55

168.  Influence of the recipient site on the outcomes of fat grafting in facial reconstructive surgery.   
Mojallal A, Shipkov C, Braye F, Breton P, Foyatier JL
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2008 [Top] 14
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2007 [Top] 14
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2006 [Top] 17
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2005 [Top] 13
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2004 [Top] 7
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2003 [Top] 6
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2002 [Top] 7
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2000 [Top] 11
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