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Article in Nature Communications for a collaborative study from the Metalloproteinases and tissue remodelling group

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The groups of Catherine Moali (LBTI) and Nushin Aghajari (MMSB) reveal the assembly mechanism of the "good" form of the most (...)

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The Laboratory of Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering (LBTI) is one of the two joined units CNRS-Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 housed at the Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins Lyon (IBCP).
The joint research unit UMR 5305, created in January 2013, is composed of over a hundred persons, 50% with permanent positions and 50% students, post-docs and technical temporary positions. The specificity of our structure is its multidisciplinary approach linked to a strong translational activity towards clinical applications of our work. Chemists, biochemists, cell and molecular biologists, physiologists and physicians are therefore associated to cover areas of expertise that span from cell and tissue biology of skin and cartilage to the identification of therapeutic targets and tissue vectorization.

Our goal is to study a biological tissue in its functional integrity and to develop new therapeutic engineering concepts.

Our aim is threefold : 

  • Deepen and analyse the basic mechanisms of tissue matrix organization, whether skin, mucous membranes or cartilage, and identify potential therapeutic targets,
  • Understand and assess the responsiveness of these tissues to physiological or mechanical stress and model these actions
  • Propose and test novel therapeutic approaches to repair tissue and deliver therapeutic agents in the tissue environment.

Our research areas, developed by five research teams are regrouped under three main themes : 

  • Matrix organization of tissue and mechanotransduction
  • Healing and functional quality of the skin. 
  • Targeting of therapeutic molecules and innovative treatment strategies.

Our motto is “explore to understand and act, in knowledge and in therapeutic innovation in biology

LBTI member teamsGroup leaders
Cartilage biology and engineeringF. Mallein-Gerin
Microenvironement cross-talk and tissue repairP. Rousselle
Metalloproteinases and tissue remodellingC. Moali
Colloidal vectors and tissue transportB. Verrier
Skin function and dynamicsD. Sigaudo-Roussel




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Organization chart

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